Sunday, November 29, 2015

Words and Wisdom - Enduring Gifts

I have a few moments of stillness and morning sun as Advent begins.  The daily lectionary offered an apocalyptic word from Jesus: Luke 21:5-9.  Reading these passages always beats back the joviality of the season.  It is a stiffening challenge.  It is a dash of cold reality in the week of the abortion clinic shootings in Colorado, following the Paris attacks from short days before.  We will see terrible things, Jesus warns.

This is a passage of woe and warning. Of all 14 verses in the assigned reading from Luke, only 4 lend comfort. All of these verses seem framed by the challenge to endure (v. 19).

How will we endure?  Jesus offers two gifts - magical powers if you will: words and wisdom (v.15).

The other night I was called out to the hospital to be with a man in his final hours.  There were doctors and nurses everywhere.  Technology and skill abounded.  I felt quite emptyhanded as I headed out the door in response to a call.  All I had were what Jesus bequeathed to me - words and wisdom.

These are pretty rough days we are living through.  Moments of sun and stillness are to be treasured.  When we step into the week ahead.  I pray you will endure every trial. Perhaps each trial is an opportunity to testify (v. 13).  Let's carry faith, hope, and love in our hearts.  Then may the words we speak be wisdom.   

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(Photo of my "In Jesus' Name" Norwegian prayer coffee cup.)

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