Monday, February 13, 2012

Celebrate the Triumphs of Others

Psalm 35:19-21 is the evening reading tonight.  It is a prayer for vindication.  The charge is put to God, "Defend me! Vindicate me!" Don't let the haters rejoice or drag me low!  

How often do we offer that prayer?  How often are we rejoicing in another being brought low?  Could there be a connection between our attitude toward others and the petitions we make for ourselves?

The Psalm also acknowledges the rejoicing of those who are glad for the psalmist's vindication.  How often do we notice and celebrate the achievements of others?

Might our perspective in prayer change our attitude in life?  The reading from my Company of Pastor's confession this evening is taken from the Larger Catechism of the Westminster Confession.  It reminds us to pray in the name of Jesus Christ for he is our mediator.

Somehow in my life, when I pray remembering Jesus, it changes my outlook.  I find myself less wrapped in self concern.  I pay more attention to the love of God and give less attention to the negativity of others.

How will you celebrate the triumphs of others this week?  How will that transform your heart?

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