Friday, November 6, 2009

How Often They Put God to the Test!

The reading from the 78th Psalm this morning recounts the consequence of putting God to the test. Time and again people forget the power and righteousness of God. Time and again, God proves to be faithful despite our failings.

The reading from Matthew shows the priority Jesus places upon sabbath refreshment from the labors of life and ministry. Yet the people follow him. He instructs the disciples to get something to eat. They are only aware of their limited resources. Jesus, by contrast, is aware of all that we have which so often we neglect. Jesus took what they had, and gave thanks to God.

In giving thanks to God, Jesus demonstrated a contrast to the testing nature of humans. With the meager supply the disciples had, all the people were filled to satisfaction.

Would that I could turn to God with thanksgiving more than testing.

Friday morning prayers in my Company of Pastors discipline makes this petition: "let our concern for others reflect Christ's self-giving love, not only in our prayers, but in our practice." A-men.

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